....smore of what we did this week

We kicked off our letter buddy curriculum by introducing Tall T. We read our letter buddy books. We read Dragons Love Tacos, Tikki Tikki Tembo, and The Tortoise and the Hare: and other stories as well. We brainstormed and listed 63 T vocabulary words. We wrote toppings on tacos and hung them in the classroom. We practiced our handwriting skills with worksheets and our letter buddy journals. We cut, glued and named our own shape bears. We hung them up too. We put together letter matching puzzles, made t's with lincoln logs and geoboards also. In math, we sorted by color and by shape. We practiced one to one counting with lakeshoure math centers. In science and social studies, we continued to talk about homes and families. We talked about how wind can help and hurt us. We had THEE BEST time @ #teddybeartea on Friday with Prek-A. We shared teddy grahams, tea, and watched the Berenstein Bears with our Teddy Bears. Thanks for your support, communication, and your TERRIFIC students!!!!!!

Check it out...... Parent Advisory Council

Come and participate and support our GREAT PAC. The first meeting is Wednesday the 21st @7. Pizza will be provided and we will discuss school topics and events.

....smore of what we will do next week

We will learn about a new letter. We will brainstorm and list vocabulary words. We will work in phonics books, letter buddy journals, and practice with worksheets. We will learn about and practice patterns in math. We will continue to talk about homes and families. We will welcome fall and list seasonal activities. Thanks for an AWESOME week. We are continuing to have fun, learn ALOT and be safe. If you have questions please ask. Thank you & enjoy your weekends, Mr. Alaxson & Ms. ALi.

Mark your calendar for our first #PREKREADINGNIGHT staring the Runaway Pancake..start time will be 5:30 ...we will have dinner and share one of our favorite stories