Cory VanVeghel

Self-Improvement Poster

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Areas I Need to Work On

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Things I Can Do

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There is no elevator to success, You have to take the stairs. By Kushandwizdom


To ensure I have the very best health I can every day, I will . . .


I have suffered "pain" in the past. I expect "pain" in my future. But, I will react to that "pain" by . . . What I will gain from that "pain" is . . .

Dont think about how people think of you always be happy of who you are and dont worry what people do to you.


I Am Who I am around mt surroundings

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I want . . . from life. So, I need to surround myself with . . .

I want a MacBook so I need to surround myself with kindness with my mom and hang out with good people so I don't do bad things.