About penguins

Mackenzie Napier

Introduction / Lead

Hi i’m going to be telling you all about penguins. Let's get started. So you are going to see where penguins live and a lot of behavior , habitat and food . Also you can learn about body to .


penguins live in cold or warm places like Antarctica Africa and like Islands also burrows .


penguins eat all kinds of stuff they eat sea animals like

krill, fish and squid they eat other stuff too like... Amphibious and crustaceans.


Penguins breed in large groups called nesting colonies.Some leave a long time to

reach nesting colonies.Penguins are not afraid of humans so they're not going to hurt you If you don’t hurt them.

Thank you for reading my writing I hope you got a lot of information

on penguins if you want to learn more about penguins come to this