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What's Happening in AVID in December?

What's Happening in AVID?

Do you have a friend who is interested in joining AVID for 2nd semester? Encourage them to complete an application and turn it in by December 11, 2015.

Applications can be found in the office, outside of room 502 or click on the link below.

Please watch the 2 videos below to learn more about what a Tutorial looks like and how to complete a Tutorial Request Form (TRF)
AVID - Jason's Social Studies Tutorial
AVID TRF How To Video

What's Happening in 8th Grade?

8th grade students have been learning about persuasive techniques of logos, pathos, and ethos. We viewed various magazine advertisements and will be creating our own advertisement. They are also using those techniques within their writing. The students will be choosing one of four topics to write a persuasive paper and present to their peers through a gallery walk. The topics they will be choosing between include year round school, free in-state college education, college athletes receiving pay, or violence within video games or television shows. After presenting each of the topics we will conclude the unit with brief philosophical chairs on each of the topic choices.

What's Happening in 7th Grade?

Students have been focusing on their grades and making sure they are bringing questions to tutorials that correlate with classes they may have a lower grade in. Students are setting goals and working to achieve through tutorials.

We are also starting to work on our end of the semester portfolios. Students will take snippets of their best work from all of their classes and write a reflection about their work. We will add this to their portfolio from 6th grade if they were in AVID last year. Portfolios are a great way to see growth and progress in your child's education.

What's Happening in 6th Grade?

6th graders are embarking on creating a personal narrative essay. The essay prompt is asking them to describe your first day of college, the experience of a fresh new start, and the impact on you and your loved ones.

We will work together on this essay in class. I look forward to reading our final essays on how the students will perceive their future college experience.

Weekly Graded Items

*All AVID students have a TRF due each Tuesday for Tutorials

*All AVID students have a Binder check each Friday.

*All AVID students have C-Notes due by Friday each week.

-8th graders are required to turn in 3 sets

-7th graders are required to turn in 2 sets

-6th graders are required to turn in 1 set

Mrs. Janell Williams - AVID Teacher