OwlFeed Newsletter May 14, 2018

All good things must come to an end. As we at OwlFeed publish our last newsletter of the year, I, alongside the rest of the graduating senior journalists, want to thank you, the reader, for taking a part in our magnificent journey. From real news to our April Fool's edition, you have stuck with us throughout the entire year, supporting us and keeping this club alive. As a token of our appreciation, we decided to go all out for this newsletter. Some of our seniors have written their final goodbyes, which you can find at the very bottom of the newsletter (and more on our website). It's been a great time, and we all can't wait to see where the club goes from here.

-Clinton Barney (EIC)

AFHS Demonstrators March With AZ Teachers During Historic RedForEd Protests

By: Clinton Barney

You know about the historic RedForEd marches that just recently took place in Phoenix, but did you know of Agua Fria's involvement in the event? Read more about it here.

A Fan’s Guide for Newcomers: Marvel Cinematic Universe

By: Antawn Salinas and Clinton Barney

Infinity War has reshaped the landscape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whether or not you've seen it, this article will help any Marvel movie fan, experienced or new, catch up on a decade's worth of movies. Click here to read more.

Graduating Seniors Confront Fears of ‘Adulting’

By: Dayshia Stratton

Adulting is something that is seen as a scary or nerve-wracking thing as soon as students step out of high school. But did you know that adulting is still scary for students who are in college and young adults who have just started working? Click here to read more.

Agua Fria Baseball Season Comes To A Close

By: Kallie Swanson

Your Agua Fria boys took the field for the final time this 2018 season! Click here to see how the last games of their season went.





OwlFeed Podcast:

Owlfeed Podcast: One-Act Special Feat. Zavin Ochoa and Lauren Albrecht

By: Antawn Salinas

This time on the Owlfeed Podcast, I had Zaven Ochoa and Lauren Albrecht, directors of the 2018 Senior Directed One Acts. Click here to read more.

Senior Goodbyes

You can find more of our senior's goodbyes on our website.


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