Ms. Ross' LA Tech Toolbox

Evolving into a digital world, calls for cool tech tools!

Technology Toolbox for the LA classroom

As most schools are evolving into a 1:1 digital initiative to prepare students to be competitive learners of the 21st century many teachers are in need of TECHNOLOGY tools to implement with everyday classroom instruction. As a first year learner of the TPACK (technology, pedagogy and content knowledge) I am learner how to incorporate the correct TECHNOLOGY tools with my lesson plans to enhance, enrich and engage the students. Below, you will see some TECH tools that I have used and a brief description of each. and Today'

These are two cool tech tools to use as blog sites. Also, Edmodo is famously known for keeping up with class assignments, homework, projects and assessments. A very modern, educational facebook type tech tool., and classworks are all good instructional tech tools!!!

Classworks is really a great district tool that provides individualized and personalized instruction for each and every student in your classroom, hence it is a place "where all students will succeed."
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Technology toolbox!

Please feel free to sample any of these tech tools, if you have not discovered them or used them already. They will really enhance, enrich and engage your students learning to infinity and beyond!!! Thank you for your time and consideration!