Marvel's Theme Park

Where you can be your own superhero!

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Hulk Express

Ready for some twists and will knock you off your feet. This ride is a whopping 5,678 feet of track with 3 inversions. The first drop will take your breath away with an angle of 75 degrees of 278 feet of terror. The speeds will pin you in your seat flying around at 90 miles per hour. If you survive the 3 minute 24 second ride, your legs will surely be shaking and you might feel you've gone 3 rounds with the Incredible Hulk.
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Avenger's Cafe

Add some fuel for your body by coming in and having our world famous Black Widow funnel cakes. They'll put you through all the twists and turns of pure deliciousness with powdered sugar sprinkled on top!

If you are looking for something a little more straight forward, try our Captain America Meal with a hot dog, chips and drink. Sure to take the edge off any hunger pains.