No To Animal Testing

Is it right?

What is Animal Testing?

Animal testing is the testing of animals for drugs, cosmetics, soaps, etc. The first recorded test on an animal is from 2cnd century Greece. Aristotle was among the first to conduct a test on an animal. Some people say that we have to test on animals because if we test on a human and the test goes wrong the human will most likely sue the company. However, humans should not test animals for people's personal needs.

Many Tests Done on Animals Don't Have Results That Show Benefits

  • 92% of tests conducted on animals failed
  • Dr. Pfizer spent $2 billion on lab equipment and animals when the test failed
  • Studies show, for every sold about 10,000 drugs tested on animals don't make it on the market

Testing Hurts The Animals

  • Thousands of animals are tormented and killed each year
  • Small animals live in a box the size of a shoe box with many other animals
  • 19.5 million animals are killed each year

It's Not Morally Right To Test Animals

  • Humans test animals because of tradition not because it shows particular success
  • In labs animals are treated as objects
  • AAVS(American Anti-Vivisection Society) believes we shouldn't have to chose between helping humans and harming animals