A Time Called The Holocaust.

Ashley Jordan Acedemic 4

In the years of 1933 to 1945 a period called the Holocaust was around . On September 1,1939 Germany invaded Poland , setting WW1 into place.Hitler the leader of Germany at this time , decided to kill all Jews in Europe.Jews that lived in Europe would now be sent to concentration camps or ''ghettos''. The Jews would be brutally beaten ,and starved,and eventually die.Jews where innocent people that didn't need to be harmed.But , Hitler believed other things.

Once the Jews were moved to the 'ghettos'', they had to move into tiny apartments,and they were filled with other families . They had to a yellow star to identify them as Jews when they went somewhere.The concentration camps and ''ghettos'' were dirty.At the concentration camps, they would have to sleep on mats on the cold,hard,floor. Also they would ge tvery little food,and most of it was often nasty. The Jews would be mistreated such as being hit,kicked,thrown,etc. The Nazi soldiers would shoot some of them that disobeyed .If you were in the Holocause,would you obey?

In the 1930's WW1 was started by an invasion in Poland.Jews from Europe were sent to concentration camps/''ghettos''. The Jews would die here,or get brutally beaten.The Jews wouldn't get enough food , and this would cause them to starve and die.The Holocaust was a dangerous and confusing time for the Jews in Europe. Be thankful that you didn't go through the Holocaust.