The New Things Coming From dōTERRA!

What I Learned at Leadership Retreat

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  1. New Products available March 1:
    • TerraShield reformulated with Arborvitae, Nootka, and Tamamnu oil in a 30 mL spray bottle.
    • Deep Blue® Rub is now available in a 1 liter pump bottle.
    • Reveal beads are being replaced with bamboo silk beads to be more environmentally friendly.
  2. Daily Drop App– Available this coming spring, this app will send you a daily video to help you learn something new about doTERRA® products. Business training videos coming soon.
  3. New, which will combine all current doTERRA sites, is set to release in April.
  4. Free to Give– an exciting new program designed to help Wellness Advocates become financially responsible is launching March 1. A special doTERRA version of the book The 4 Laws of Financial Prosperity will be available for purchase and download in April.
  5. For information on doTERRA One Convention 2016 visit Tickets go on sale March 16. Only limited spots are available.
  6. 2015 Milestones:
    • doTERRA hit $1 billion in revenue, and had the first $100 million month
    • The US alone became a $1 billion market
    • doTERRA became 100% debt-free
    • doTERRA became the World’s Largest Essential Oil Company
    • 1 million packages a month were shipped in the US
  7. Spring Tour April 1–May 15
  8. Emotional Aromatherapy Brochure released in March.
  9. Incentive Trip 2017: Cancun. Qualification period from February 1–July 31.
  10. Starting February 2016, no returns will be issued from the 13th–15th of the month.
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Melissa Will Be Back!!!

Here's the skinny on the long out-of-stock precious oil, Melissa: it is going to be available in March (exact date to be determined) for a limited time (until it runs out), available one per account!

Melissa had a few terrible seasons in a row that produced an inferior product, so dōTERRA, instead of selling a lower quality oil, placed it out of stock until true, potent, powerful Melissa could be harvested once more. dōTERRA has secured a few new harvest sites for Melissa and had to build distilleries, because Melissa must be distilled within hours of being (hand) picked. They now have a small stock of Melissa essential oil once more!!! And the hope that we'll never run out again in the future, through the efforts of the new farms.

If you want this oil, act quickly when you see it available (I think they will announce the day that it will be available on March 1st). It will cost $135/135pv. They haven't announced if you will be able to use your LRP points or not...hopefully yes!

Read more about Melissa:

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