Chelsea's Dream Team Newsletter

Recognition for December 2015 & January 2016

WOW....where has the time gone?!

I don't know about you but time has gotten away from me! With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the big outlet sale, and then wrapping up January and hoping everyone, myself included stayed afloat until February rolled around, It's been one wild rollercoaster!

I have to apologize for dropping the ball the last few months. I don't like making excuses because I've always been one to "suck it up" and get the job done when it needs done but this pregnancy has literally had me totally exhausted, cranky, emotional and completely forgetful!! BUT...things are looking up because as of today, my first trimester is over and I've been feeling better this last week! Fingers crossed all goes as planned and I can get back to our normal routine around here.

I, honest to goodness have missed being connected with all of you and feel that over the Holidays and the busyness of the New Year, it's easy to let things slip. I like to say that January is my breezeway into the New Year. You have to give yourself some Grace during that time because you can't go 100% all of the time. I don't know about you but I like to get my house back in line, things cleaned out after the holidays, and just CHILL out with my family. I know by doing that and not being focused on my business means that I have to work extra hard to get things going again come Feb. 1st.

SO...towards the end of January, I'd wrapped up all the holiday stuff, decorations had been put away, the house got a good cleaning, 2 birthday parties were over and I was ready for my official NEW YEAR!!! I wrote out my game plan and hit the ground running.

What have you done to make your game plan for the year? Have you wrote out your goals of things you'd like to accomplish with your business this year? It could be to add more team member, to increase your own Personal Volume, or maybe it's to buy a new car and you're going to use your Thirty-One income to do that. Whatever it is...unless you WRITE IT DOWN....It's just a DREAM!!!

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Personal Volume- Top 10

  1. Cindy Hall $2259
  2. Nicole Shaughnessy $1883
  3. Kacey Jansma $1234
  4. Melissa Leistico $1120
  5. Nicole Gidding $1119
  6. Brandie Watts $1115
  7. Kim Knox $1085
  8. Shanna Jacobs $883
  9. Taylar Yocum $729
  10. Kimberly Hatcher $714


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CONGRATS KACEY!!!! You and your team have worked hard to get here and I'm so proud of you girls!!! Keep up the great work and get ready to walk that stage at National Conference!!!
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Top 10 Personal Volume

  1. Cindy Hall $2608
  2. Kacey Jansma $2185
  3. Nichole Giddings $1576
  4. Darllea Hoopingarner $1320
  5. Nicole Shaughnessy $1103
  6. Kim Knox $950
  7. Marneta LeBrun $855
  8. Tara Counterman $554
  9. Kiley Shotts $518
  10. Jessica Bonnell $443
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I'm so excited to have you on the team!!


Tina Sherrell, Illinois

Katie Sherrell, Illinois

Judy Barrick, Illinois

Elizabeth Burkhart, Arizona


Tara Counterman, Indiana

Deb Ramie, Indiana

Siera Tanner, Indiana

Team Stats for December & January


Gen 0- (means that I am your Director) 69 Team members

Gen 0- Sales: $29, 603

Total Downline Sales: $41,027 (117 members)

Total Downline Parties: 71

Total Downline Recruits: 5


Gen 0- 69 Team Members

Gen 0- Sales: $18,323

Total Downline Sales: $30,330 (115 members)

Total Downline Parties: 52

Total Downline Recruits: 5

Chelsea's Stats: December & January


Personal Volume: $5416

Parties: 3 parties

Recruits: 1


Personal Volume: $2773

Parties: 3

Recruits: 1


What's up in the Thirty-One World right now?

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Time to get your ASK in gear!!

Would you like more in PV?
Need a party/booking?
Want to add to your team OR start a team?

It's easy to do ... get your ASK in GEAR!! You have to have the COURAGE to ASK. If you don't, someone else will!

Set goals, focus on your each task and let your WHY drive you to do the work you need to do and your 2016 will be a great SUCCESS!!

I am open for coaching calls to help you make a plan!! Just ASK!!


1st Annual Dream Team Retreat!! Don't forget to register!!

Friday, April 15th, 6pm to Sunday, April 17th, 12pm

6625 North Maxwell Court

Terre Haute, IN

RSVPs are enabled for this event.


Dates to know in 2016

February = GIVES Month!

New Facebook Communities! (If you average $500 in 3 month ... look at your email to see if you were invited to join)
1 - Spring-Summer catalog BEGINS
20-27 - Better Together Events

1 - Monthly Website Subscription increases


15-17th 1st Annual Dream Team Retreat!

8-11 - National Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah
22-25 - National Conference in Columbus, Ohio
31 - LAST DAY for Spring-Summer catalog

1 - Fall-Winter 2016 begins

Chelsea Abu-Seir

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