To Oregon

by Nathan R.

Why do you go?

Some people wanted a new start. Some people just wanted the open land. Whatever the reason, they were up for a long and harrowing journey. Some died. Some barely made it.

If you were lucky, then you would make it through with no deaths in your family. But for most, that was not the case.


The Oregon trail was about 2,000 miles long. It started in Independence, Missouri, and ran through Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, and finally, Oregon.
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The Oregon Trail's Sicknesses

The Trail had a wide vocabulary of deaths. Here are a couple.


So, you know the dangers, but keep in mind that there is lots of land to claim, and you can also switch from the Oregon Trail to California. Then again, you would half to leave everything behind, with no communications to back home. Is it worth it? The choice is yours.