GA Jail pays for Wrongful death.

Jamilet Nino

Rodney Earl Graham

  • Rodney was 30.
  • Had a wife and 2-year-old daughter.
  • Had a kidney disorder.
  • Was on probation.

What happened?

On November 4, 2009 , Robert earl Graham was 30 when he was arrested for a probation violation for possession of marijuana. He became ill after a week of being locked up. Turns out, Robert a kidney condition & he has requested medical care but instead they placed him in a detox cell despise pleas from his family that he needed treatment. The surveillance camera inside the cell shows his confirm getting worse over a three day period. After those three days passed, Robert got a painful death from renal failure.
Robert Earl Graham left his wife and his two-year-old daughter behind. His wife, Cathy Graham, filed a lawsuit for wrongful death. The lawsuit alleged that Mr. Graham had suffered from a treatable disorder that required medication, & the denial of the medication and medical care by jail staff caused his death.

"It's the most troubling case, I've ever had to deal with the mistreatment of an inmate," Douglas County DA David McDade says.

Nurse Stephanie Evans, 41, and EMT Kelli Marie brown, 45, are two jail employees that were indicted on involuntary manslaughter charges in connection with Graham's death. When Grahams was put behind bars, Graham told the staff he had a medical condtion. The staff thought that he was sick because he consumed too much marijuana. Rodney was in pain for days, throwing up & was weak to stand up. He even waved at the camera in the cell, that he needed medical attention. Days later he died.

Douglas County Residents Protest Alleged Abuse At Jail

More than two dozen people gathered on the steps of the Douglas County Courthouse on Saturday to protest conditions at the Douglas County Jail .

"We are here today to take a stand and say enough is enough," said James Bell, with the Truth and Justice Coalition. "It's a culture of corruption in Douglas County and we want it changed."

The protestors said they wanted to draw attention to the death of Rodney Graham. The Villa Rica man died in the jail in November 2009.

"He died of neglect. They watched the man for four days die on the jail house floor without rendering any medical care," said Bell.

Two jail employees are facing criminal charges connected to Grahams death, but the protestors said other inmates are being abused too.

"The Douglas County Sheriffs Office is responsible for my son's attack. It was an assault on him personally and justice needs to be served here in this county from this day forward," said Pamela Allman.

During a conversation on the phone Saturday night, Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller denied that inmates are being abused. He also said he was sorry for Graham's death and he has taken all the steps he can to prevent a similar death from happening again. But that's not enough for some people.

"What we are calling for basically is the resignation of our sheriff," said Bell.

In February 2011, the county officials agreed to settle with the Graham's family for $937,500.