President Teddy Rosevelt

That one awesome president that killed stuff


Teddy Roosevelt was born in New York in 1858 and was Governor of the state before he became the Vice President in 1900. Then became president a year later after McKinley got assassinated. Then later he earned the Nobel Peace Prize after ending the Japanese - Russian war.

Political Philisophy

Teddy wanted to make everything better for the common man around the world. He did not like the power in trusts and that the citizens should have the power in them. He also enforced the Sherman act that broke up extreme bonds within the united states. Along with that Teddy tied to make peace as much as possible, He did this in one major incident when he ended the Japanese-Russian war. Finally he was a big pusher in imperialism.



Teddy Roosevelt was very much for imperialism. After the spanish-american war with all the new land that the united states got they were planning to make some military bases there for the expantion of the U.S. He also belived in a peaceful world and he ended a few wars. Such as the russo-japaneese war he ended.