Stop CyberBullying!!

It Is Dangerous

What is it a CyberBullying ?

A cyberbulling is a bulling at school,On the internet.For escemser to send masty messager to facebook,to gossip,to post,embarassing picture.It is Terrifle for the victims .


1-Have you got a computer or laptop at home ?
2-Do you use a password ?
3-Do you use a name ?
4-Do you use a social network ?
5-Do you have a facebook at come ?


1-You should never give your password and your username to stronger because is dangerous!
2-You should never your real name on the net!
3-You should always hide your webcam!
4-You should never talk to stranger!
5-You should never give your phone!
6-Talk to an adult about it
7-Don't use a reali name on the net
8-Don't use post a selfie