The diary of Anne frank

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl, Anne and her family went into hiding during World War Two because they were hiding from the nazis. Anne loved writing, reading, and talking. Anne had one sister and her name was Margot, Anne and her sister were different in some ways Margot was quiet most of the time and Anne was always loud and talkative.After almost years in hiding they are found by the nazis and are taken to consintration camps.Annes dad was the only one who was still alive . After Annes death she becomes famous all over the world because of the book she wrote while she was in hiding .

" Friendship and Family" when the vandans go into hiding with Anne and her family they liked them at first. But when they were stuck in the hide way together for a long time , they all started fighting because there was only a tiny bit of room in the hide away but it was even harder for them because there were 8 of them so there wasn't much room and food supply was gone fast for them. After a while everyone got more used to things around the way things were going to be from now on in the hideaway (418). The Frank's, and the van dans all helped each other out whenever they needed it.

"Always have faith and courage" Mr. Frank asks everyone if they have all lost there faith and courage? A moment ago we thought that they'd come for us. We were sure it was the end.But it wasn't and its not the end. Were all safe and then they all sit at the table and pray before eating there meal (384). Anne and her family thought sometimes that the nazis would come when they were sleeping and take them away , mr.frank always told them to enjoy the time they still have and spend it close with your family because they didn't know when the nazis would find them. During work hours everyone had to be still and not use the restroom or run any water.

The symbol of Anne frank was a pencil. Anne loved writing about everything that happened when they went in the hide way. And about her everyday life there. In the diary of Anne frank Anne uses her pencil every day while in hiding with her family and the other people who were in hiding with her and her family.
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