Doll Bones

Written by: Holly Black (Presented by: Zada Stueber)


This is my summary about Doll Bones

Third Person Omniscient Point of View

Examples from the text are when the author said "As they all wandered down the rode, a feeling of fear washed over them.", which tells us how everyone in the story is feeling. The author also said "Zach was trying to figure out if Poppy was lying to him or not.", telling us what Zach is thinking.


In the book I am reading, the author uses dialogue as a way to describe how the character feels and acts. For example, reading the dialogue tells the readers that Zach is a very caring person, but feels scared that if the kids on his basketball team will laugh at him if they see him playing dolls with a bunch of girls. The author also uses dialogue to explain that they characters are going on a trip without telling their parents, and lets us know that Alice is worried about this trip.

All the citations I used