Peek at the Week

Week of October 5, 2020

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Sunday, Oct. 4 - Oct 10

  • Fire Prevention Week (see information below)

Monday, Oct. 5

Tuesday, Oct. 6

  • Mrs. Zarich's Birthday (1st Grade Teacher)

Wednesday, Oct. 7

Thursday, Oct. 8

Friday, Oct. 9

  • Fire Prevention Day

Saturday, Oct. 10

  • Mrs. Litwinski's Birthday (Nurse)

Sunday, Oct. 11

  • Mrs. McLain's Birthday (Art Teacher)

This is a “living” document and a place that you can go for the latest information about the school year.


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These students were recognized for showing all character traits in September!

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Fire Prevention Week, Oct 4 - 10

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Key messages around this year’s Fire Prevention Week campaign, “Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen” will include the following:

  • Keep a close eye on what you’re cooking; never leave cooking unattended
  • Keep anything that can catch fire — oven mitts, wooden utensils, food packaging, towels or curtains — at least three feet away from your stovetop.
  • Be on alert. If you are sleepy or have consumed alcohol, don’t use the stove or stovetop.


PTO Meeting Minutes – September 15, 2020 @ 1:45 pm via Zoom video conferencing

1. Attendees: Jessica C., Wendy G., Melissa S., Krysti Y., Dana M., Karey P., Sally B., Aimee S., Toya B., Molly P., Heather H.

Old Business

2. Approval of PTO minutes from April 30, 2020 – 1st– Jessica C, 2nd– Wendy G; minutes approved

3. Use new PTO email that all on board have access to:

4. Bylaws were updated last spring to remove archaic language and requirements and reflect current operational practices

New Business

5. T-shirts – (Krysti) – Instead of simply t-shirts, we are doing spirit wear, offering a variety of clothing and accessory choices. The order date has been extended to September 25 for the 1st push to get orders for volume pricing. Delivery will be October 12. T-shirts will be imprinted but sweatshirt and hat are embroidered and take more time. Website can stay open all year for orders and new merchandise can be added. There is no GAD parade this year because of COVID.

6. Give Back Nights – (Melissa) – Fall “All-Stars” give-back night is not going to happen. Freddy’s give-back night is Wednesday, October 14, 2020 from 5-9 pm at Greenwich location near movie theater and The Alley. Diners can use the drive-thru or dine-in to participate in the give-back night. Participants need to show the flyer OR verbally state they are with MES. A percentage of the profit will be returned to the school. Freddy’s allows each organization to have 1 give-back night per semester. Freddy’s provides the flyers.

7. Other possible fundraising ideas – Other fundraisers discussed were a father-daughter dance and a mother-son dodgeball night. If we do a F-D dance sometime, Sally will take it since she has experience as a co-chair for 3 years at her old school. Dana - will let us know when district lifts COVID parameters that currently prevent dance. Fundraisers should not be financially prohibitive. We should charge a nominal amount so families can attend. We will continue Fitness for Funds (FFF) in the spring with a different look if necessary. If we are not able to do FFF at stadium as normal, then perhaps make it a (virtual) run/walk in the neighborhood using a tracking device. Wendy mentioned Strava as a free app to track fitness activities. Slogans mentioned were, “Stronger Together” and “Let’s Do this Together” for the spring 2021 FFF. Jessica mentioned Pigtails and Crewcuts as a fundraiser.

8. Room parents – Aimee S. will manage this committee function. No visitors are allowed in the building now so room parents will be put on hold until we can utilize them. Suggest that the room parent be a contact for help with organizing and delivering until we can be in the school. Kids can have a fall party with premade and store-bought food. One suggestion was to have a “reverse” parade for the fall party where parents drive through the car rider loop and wave or toss candy (need to discuss safety in doing this).

9. Stocking teacher’s lounge – a Sign-Up Genius email was sent 9/15/2020 requesting items. We want to really stock the lounge to show appreciation since COVID precluded PTO from having annual breakfast.

10. Parent/Teacher conference meals (October 29??)– The district will decide if conferences will be in-person or via ZOOM. Discussed food ideas with COVID restrictions; potluck (find out if even an option), deliver sandwich boxes to teachers in class, other catering or set up schedule for teachers to go to lounge

11. Food Drive in November – (Wendy) – Dana stated that COVID does not preclude us from having annual food drive, but we will have to do things differently. Food will be quarantined for 5 days; no 5th grade service project to deliver, inspect, sort and shelve food; food will be delivered to the respective grade level wings of the school to keep the food and the students separate; have a competition among the 3 wings (grade level grouping). Food drive dates are November 3-20 with delivery date TBD. Since we can no longer walk the food across the road to the church for donation, ask maintenance if they have a way to deliver the food.

12. Teacher Grants (Dana) – none. Kaylene Allison sent a thank you note to the PTO for the Amazon gift card.

13. Treasurer report (Jessica) – approval of treasurer report – Melissa – 1st; Wendy 2nd; approved

14. Principal Notes (Dana) – good enrollment numbers for school year. Mask usage has been going well. No cases of COVID. District is using a documentation tool for COVID / contact tracing / tracking that is updated weekly. No Friday assemblies because of COVID. The goal is to stay safe and stay in school.

Meeting adjourned 3 pm
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Checking students out

Office staff will conduct all signing in and out of students. Parents may call to check-out students and then the student is sent out to the parent with visual identification. For in-person checking out, once a student is checked out, the parent will go back to their vehicle and the student will be sent out by the office. School Phone Number: 316-218-4630

Checking students in

Staff members will check students in to create a touchless system. Students need to have temperature checked before proceeding to class if they are arriving for the first time that day.