Wen Jiang Fieldtrip

Meishi ESOL Classes, May 2013, Mrs. Baker and Miss Wang

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Describe something from nature that you saw on the trip.

We saw a snake is very long, and it slid next to a tree.---Bob

So much green!! and in some place's the river current was very quick, in some places it was very high.---Masae

We saw the big river in there and we went down to play......Brian

I saw an environment that still alive even though the earth is dirty-----Leo

I only saw the roads that make people confuse...... Jan

I saw a long river, green trees. But no fish in the river. -------------Luke

I saw a river and we play there, and there were a beautiful plants in neat rows----martin

I saw lots of daisies. They are very beautiful. They are in the bush.--------Eileen

Some ducks on the road which near the river. And when we passed them, they quacked. -----------silvia

I saw a river and bamboo and tomatos.--------------------------------Bond

I saw many tree, I saw a big river, I played on the river.----------Jeff Chen

I saw a some people make BBQ.----------ALex Wang

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What was the most adventurous thing you did?

We saved our classmate from heat stroke.---Bob

My friend & I rode on the two person bicycle, but it was too hard to control.---Masae

It was the first time I rode the bicycle for two hours.---Tina

I ate many foods there......Brian

I cross the river, although it is slippery-----Leo

When I was riding bicycle. Jan

I rode three person bicycle with my friends.---------------Luke

Every week I ride a bike like that, so it's normal for me------------------------------martin

I played in the river. That river was cold, but in that day it was very cool.-------Eileen

We played truth & dare when we in the school bus, someone's dare was so funny and amazing. ------------silvia

I played in the river.-----------------------------------------------------------------------Jeff Chen

oh yeah, I was away from school.---------------------------------------------------Bond

I help Rosalie pick up bicycle--------------Alex Wang

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What was the most challenging thing that happened?

My shoe got lost. Then Ms.Baker give me a hint and then I found it.---Bob

We didn't know how to get back to the starting point, but my friend told me the right way. Then we can go back to starting point.---Masae

Masae and I rode two person's bicycle, it was very hard but it was too funny.---Tina

My classmate's bicycle was broken , so I pushed the bicycle to the restaurant......Brain

I ride three-person bike, it is really hard to control balance-----Leo

I was lost...... Jan

Riding a three person bike.------------Luke

I was so happy and I didn't have any problems----------------------------------martin

The sun was very bright, I was sunburned. My skin is darker than before.---Eileen

The sun was so shiny and hot, it felt like August. ----------Silvia

I crossed the big river.--------------------------------------------------Jeff Chen

oh shoot, we fell = =.---------------------------------------------------Bond

I'm very happy but there have so many mosquitos--------------------------Alex Wang

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Jenny Hou lovin' life.

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What's this called? I call it watermelon, ice, jello and red beans. Whatever you call it, it's great on a hot day.

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Fuzzy wuzzy was a picture of many barefoot students about to get their feet wet

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Luke snacking on sunflower seeds and Scream in the shade.

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Bond balancing, Alex throwing up a peace sign, Eileen laughing, Martin navigating bumpy rocks, and Leo prayerfully balancing

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Silvia reflects and ponders

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Lunch at a riverside restaurant

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Two seater bikes with canopies. So relaxing, if you can keep it upright!

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Surf's up!