Company Broker Group

Local Leaders in Mergers & Acquisitions

Experienced Professionals

In Colorado, there is one brokerage that many small to mid-size business owners trust: Company Broker Group. The selling of a business is sacred to the local company and wants to care for the sale as much as their client cares for their businesses. A local leader in mergers, acquisitions, transfers and selling businesses, Company Broker Group has the professional experience to help any client sell their business with efficiency, quickness and confidentially as necessary.

Dedicated to a Successful Sale

The firm, Company Broker Group, is completely focused on the interests of their clients, the seller. Partnering with this brokerage company has the potential of bringing up to 20% more money for their sale of the business compared to other brokerages in the area. On top of this, Company Broker Group many times can sell the business in almost half the time as other companies. With benefits like that, it is no wonder why small to mid size business owners trust Company Broker Group with the sale of their businesses

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