Math Messages

Unit Eight Math Test, March 4

Today the students received a review of unit eight with practice problems. We will check these in class tomorrow and the test will be on Friday.

Compass Learning or Written Practice Assignments for the Winter Break

I have assigned the class three modest assignments to complete over the break which will reinforce content and provide additional practice. Students were given a choice of completing three written assignments (Study Links 8.1, Subtracting Decimals & Powers of Ten) or completing three online lessons and quizzes using, also known as Compass Learning.

Students can access their Compass Learning account from any computer, but it must have Flash installed. I have made a folder titled, "Winter Break Practice," which mirrors the content of the written assignments.

Unit 8 Practice Folder on Compass Learning

I have also made a folder on Compass Learning for concepts related to Unit 8 (see below). In addition, students are welcome to utilize the Everyday Math site for games that reinforce math fluency and to gain help with homework assignments.

Unit 8 Concepts and Skills

Fractions, fractions and more fractions is the theme of this unit. It covers a lot, but each lesson builds on the last. Students will practice and develop these skills:

-Develop addition & subtraction concepts related to mixed numbers

-Practice adding fractions with unlike denominators

-Use an area model to find a fraction of a fraction in order to develop a fraction multiplication algorithm

-Multiply whole numbers and fractions

-Multiplication of mixed numbers

-Find fractions of a whole number