6th Grade Ancient World History

with Mrs. Simpson

Why history should be important to you?

Studying history gives us the chance to learn about who we are, where our family comes from, and why we do the things that we do. History lets us learn about other cultures and the reasons why civilizations rise & fall. In the modern world, history helps us work collaboratively in a global community. You may grow up and have conference calls with businesses in China. You may have to attend a Skype meeting with leaders from around the world. You may even be a creator of applications that will help third world countries find new solutions to solve thirst and hunger issue. BUT, you couldn't do any of this without understanding the people, culture, and world societies in which you will be working with. History teaches us this and prepares us for the 21st century global community.

Extra Help Sessions

Homework help and Quiz & Test retakes will be offered every Wednesday morning starting at 7:15 through 7: 40. Students should sign up for sessions no later than 7th period on Tuesdays.

Where can I get my notes?

All of our class PowerPoint slides are located on our class blog @ www.simpsonhistory.wordpress.com