Four Seasons A+ January School Newsletter

Four Seasons Calendar

  • January 17, NO SCHOOL, MLK Day
  • January 19, Picture Retake Day
  • January 28, NO SCHOOL, teacher professional development
  • January 31, 5:00-6:00 pm, Makers Space Community Gathering (virtual)
  • February 3, 5:00-7:30 pm, APTT (Academic Parent Teacher Teams)
  • February 4, 8:00-8:15 am, School Assembly (virtual)
  • February 14, NAAPID (National African American Parent Involvement Day)
  • February 14 - March 24, ACCESS (ELL) Testing at Four Seasons

Principal Mickelson - The Show Must Go On

When times get tough it is tempting to throw in the towel and give up. I'm sure many of us have been there or at least on the verge of being there recently. So, how do we sustain and even thrive when times get tough? Well, at Four Seasons A+ Elementary School the show must go on. Yes, we have students and staff who are absent. Yes, we are all tired of the pandemic. Yes, there are numerous daily challenges. However, we are a strong community focused on learning and growing together and this will sustain us. We've established strong rituals & routines that allow learning to take place. Our teachers are supporting students through small group instruction in both Math & Literacy. Our Arts specialists are busy dancing, singing, and creating puppets with our students. Our engineers are busy cleaning our building to help keep us safe. Our Nurse and Health Assistant are going above and beyond to coordinate quarantines on top of their regular duties. Our SPED teachers continue to support their students, write IEPs, and evaluate. Our MLL teachers continue supporting their students and our teachers using best practices for learning English as a second language. Our Nutrition Services team is ready with a smile each day to serve nutritious meals. Our support staff are busy all around the building helping our students solve problems and focus on learning. We come here every day for and with our students to maintain a positive, productive learning environment because our students deserve it! Each day I look forward to greeting our students as they get off the busses. If they aren't yawning, they are smiling from ear to ear, eager to see their friends and our staff. This makes all the challenges worthwhile...after all, the show must go on!


Jennifer Mickelson


Makers Space

Monday, Jan. 31st, 5pm

This is an online event.


Makers Space is an opportunity for people in our community to share their knowledge and skills with other people in our community. Do you have a talent or skill to share? Want to show us how to MAKE something? Fill out this MAKERS SPACE FORM if you are interested in sharing with us. Details for joining the virtual meeting will be shared closer to the date.

Students enjoy sledding during recess at Four Seasons.

Students go outside for recess most days for thirty minutes. It is an important change of environment and chance to run around. Recess is held indoors if the windchill is below -10 degrees Fahrenheit. See the district webpage on winter weather for more information.

APTT (Academic Parent Teacher Teams)

APTT Conferences February. 3, 2022 (on that date or during that week)

Participating classes:

  • Grade 4/5 : Mr. Taylor and Ms. Becker
  • Kindergarten: Mrs. Gaslin, Ms. Nelson (posted on Seesaw to accommodate parents/ families busy schedules)
  • DHH: Kasey Corbett/Andrew Sweetman

All APTTs will be virtual. Parents should look for further information from their classroom teacher regarding whether the APTT will be hosted on Seesaw/Schoology or a Google Meet.

Absent? - Contact Us

It is important to notify the school whenever your student is absent. Our system defaults to mark students "absent unexcused." If we don't hear from you, we won't know to change your child's attendance to excused. You can call us, or leave an email.

ATTENDANCE LINE (651) 290-7595


COVID Vaccination

Vaccinate 5-12 year-old children

  • keep our community safe
  • keep our schools open

All Minnesota residents ages 5 and older are now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine The CDC recommends that everyone who can get vaccinated should do so at the first opportunity available to them.

There is no cost for the vaccine. You do not need to provide a government-issued ID or medical insurance to be vaccinated, and no question on immigration status is ever asked.

Happening in the Classroom


In our first week back from winter break, we reviewed rituals and routines of our classroom. We have recently started our new area of study, Adapting to Our World. Students are having fun catching alphabet and number fish while ice fishing in our icehouse, using snowplows and dump trucks to haul snowballs in the block area, play with real snow in the sensory table, and making snowballs, snowflakes, and snowmen with play dough. We have been discussing clothes that you wear in winter and how animals adapt to the winter weather (hibernate, collect food, grow heavy fur coats, etc). Some of the stories we have read are, Froggy Gets Dressed, The Snowy Day, and The Bear Snores On. We are also working hard on letter recognition skills, rhyming words, and working with numbers.


Kindergarten has continued enjoying our DOW (Discovering Our World) unit: Being Healthy in our World. We have been focusing on ways to keep our bodies and minds healthy through exercise, heathy eating, and dental hygiene.

We are ‘Transitioning Back to School’ from vacation break by practicing our rituals and routines and by discussing how to be respectful, responsible and safe both at home and at school. For Literacy, we are still focusing on letter names and sounds and learning new Sound and Say (letter sound) and See and Say (sight) words. Counting by 1s, 5s and 10s to 100 are our new explorations in math as well as continuing our practice on number recognition, patterning, sorting, and measurement.

With the changing season and temperatures, please help your child be dressed appropriately for the weather since we love going outside to play each and every day! Please practice how to tie your own shoe and how to zip your own coat! Just like the change in the weather, each Kindergarten student is growing and changing each day!

Mrs. Gaslin’s and Ms. Nelson’s class will be having our next APTT (Academic Parent Teacher Team ) Conferences virtually through Seesaw on February 3, 2022! We cant’s wait for your participation! Together, we can help your child succeed even more - both academically and socially. Thank you!

1-2 Grade Classrooms

In our 1/2nd grade classrooms we continue to work on our social emotional skills. Our focus lately has been bullying prevention, how to understand and celebrate the uniqueness in each of us and how to show continued acts of kindness. Leading with our hearts!

  • Language Arts: Decoding words, reading books at our individual levels and strengthening our writing skills. We love books!
  • Math: Developing our understanding of addition and subtraction skills. Skip counting by 10s, 5s and identifying numbers and counting past 100.

With kindness and peace in our hearts,

Ms. Pappas and Mrs. H

Grade 3

3rd graders (Ms. Long and Ms. E) are working on a money unit in math. During reading we are focused on comprehension and details in the beginning, middle and end.

Please help support students practice reading daily. It makes a difference.

4-5 Grade Classrooms

Our 4th and 5th grade team started the month of January by reviewing our routines and rituals. In literacy we are breaking apart words with syllables, and noticing when to do it between vowels. During our Read Aloud time we have discussed the parts of stories and noticed when it might reach a high, or turning point. We’ve also been continuing to work on our reading stamina and building that increased focus time. We have enjoyed our library time and being able to use those wonderful books during reading lessons! We’ve continued to use that time as well for small group, focused instructions.

In math we continue to review word problems, multiplication, and division. Our current units focus on learning about different angles and triangles, as well as displaying data. We’ve started exploring algebraic expressions and looking ahead, we will also be spending time on fractions and decimals.

For science we are finishing up our unit on Ecosystems and will switch into Social Studies and learn about our unit: Indigenous Peoples of the Americas.

Thank you for your continued support with our students using their face masks. As the number of Covid cases continues to rise, it’s extremely important that we wear them properly every day. You may receive a call from your child’s teacher if we need more support having them wear their mask. We’ve been making such progress being back in school, we would love to help everyone stay as healthy as possible. Thank you for your continuous help!


The ECSE DHH preschoolers are getting back into the routine of the school day after a long break! We are practicing following directions, taking turns, and playing together! We will be wrapping up our unit on keeping our bodies healthy and will soon be starting a new unit, Adapting to Our World! We will learn about how we adapt to changes in the seasons, with our families and in our communities.

MLL (Multilingual Learners)

Welcome back! We hope you all had a safe and happy holiday.

ACCESS testing is coming up in February. ACCESS is a test that measures your student’s progress in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.

We are continuing to build on English development in grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing.

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Counselor's Corner

Greetings Four Seasons families!

All K-5 students are wrapping up the bullying prevention unit. They learned about recognizing, reporting, refusing bullying. Interested in more information on bullying to continue the conversation at home with your students? Read more here.

The district is putting on virtual open houses as a fun way to learn more about schools that may interest you and your family. If your child is a 5th grader this year, this is a wonderful opportunity for them to learn more about their middle school and to ask questions.

St. Paul Public School Virtual Open Houses

As always, please feel free to reach out at any time if you have any further questions or concerns.

In partnership,

Brooke Hardman - K-5 School Counselor 651-744-2018

Picture Retake Day

Wednesday, Jan. 19th, 8am

318 North Moore Street

Saint Paul, MN

You can still order on, Picture Day ID: EVTVB6Q2W, or request a paper form from the office. Want to retake your picture? Simply return your original package on Picture Retake Day.

Four Seasons A+ Elementary School

Jennifer Mickelson, Principal

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