Animal Abuse

By:Jeremy Shedd

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My issue is animal abuse. It happens all over the world and is not right. Poor helpless animals who cannot defend themselves are abused daily.

The abuse affects thousands upon thousands of animals around the world on a daily basis, millions yearly. Not only does this affect the animal physically but emotionally as well. The sad fact is that many animals will die by the hand of their abuser.

I believe there should be a memorial for abused animals so that it will bring awareness to others. If more people know about others abusing animals maybe we could protect those that cannot protect themselves.

This could be and should be in any hometown in America or any where around the globe for that matter. Why, because not enough people are aware of how many animals are abused and killed annually. A memorial brings attention to those who don't have a voice for those who can't defend themselves.

My hope is that we eliminate animal abuse. My hope is that no more animals suffer at the hand of an abuser