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“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill


Imagine the Possibilities! Why can't our school become one of the best schools in the Guilford County Schools. We have some of the best teachers in GCS, and we have tremendous resources. We are at times against the eight ball but our outlook, can determine outcome. But look at the opportunity in our opposition. There are so many different opportunities to grow and grow our students. Our teachers are doing some amazing things at our school, we have an opportunity to change the name of Bluford STEM Academy. So it does not matter where our school is located, or what students go to our school. But that our students are fortunate enough to go to a STEM School and we are fortunate enough to work there. We have teachers that have GRIT, and overcome so much in their lives. Keep Pushing, Do not let the negative oppositions, but look at the Positive OPPORTUNITIES.

Shout Out to All of our Bluford STEM Academy Staff, that came to our Magnet Fair! We truly showed our Bluford cohesion at the Magnet Fair! We had so many staff members that came for our set up crew , greeted parents,helped our Bluford Students and so much more. We even had some people that stayed the whole time. I truly appreciate everyone's help. It is amazing the the things that we can accomplish if we work together. Thank you again!

Shout to Ms. Powers! Ms. Powers gave up her special time to put her guided reading group on Achieve 3000. Ms. Powers is trying to push her students to the next level. Way to go Mrs. Powers! Make sure you implementing in your time, for students to go on Achieve 3000 and Reflex Math! These programs can truly help our students grow! Way to go!

Shout Out out to Ms. Ferguson! Ms. Ferguson noticed that one of her students were reading way above grade level. So she moved that student up to Ms. Copeland's guided reading group. This gives that student an opportunity to continue to be pushed and challenged. Way to go Ms. Ferguson!

Shout Out to Ms. Alexander , Ms. Swepson and Mrs. Galvin! We have STEMology Night, fast approaching this Thursday! Ms. Alexander and Ms. Swepson are finishing up the final details with our interior design of our STEMology Night. Mrs. Galvin is conducting our Door Contest for STEMology Night. Remember there will be prizes for the best door!

Shout Out to Ms. Anderson! Ms. Anderson located an awesome opportunity for our students to go to HPU and go to their LEGO Open Day! It was amazing for our students and staff to have that opportunity. Many of our parents took advantage of that opportunity! Way to go Ms. Anderson!

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