The Camp Green Lake Interviews

Using your Voice

Who will you interview?

While sleeping in the hospital, Barf Bag began speaking in his sleep. His ramblings about Camp Green Lake were overheard by his nurses and reported to the police. You, a young policeman, have been sent to Camp Green Lake to interview the staff and campers at the camp in order to gain their perspectives on some of the incidents that have occurred.

Your Job

You will be both the interviewer and interviewee.

  • Who will you interview?- Choose one adult and one child (not Stanley) to interview.
  • What incident will interview them about?- Using your Double Entry Journal and the graphic organizer on page 252, make a wise choice as to what incident you will use to write about.
  • What questions will you ask?- Create questions about the incident that will allow you to use the VOICE and DICTION of an interviewer as well as the VOICE and DICTION of the characters you have chosen to interview.

You will use your SpringBoard book as well as your own quick wits and creativity to craft an interview that will be truly incredible.

Don't forget your tools!

In order to pull this off, you'll need to use of all your tools!

  1. Your Double Entry Journal- You have written down a lot of information, including the incidents that have occurred so far in "Holes."
  2. Your R.A.F.T.- You will take on the role of both interviewer and interviewee. You will have to use ROLE, AUDIENCE, FORMAT, TOPIC to organize your interview effectively.
  3. Parallel Structure- You will need to use parallel structure, if you need a refresher check out pg. 199 in your SpringBoard book.


Instead of writing a letter, you will be creating your interview in a Google Story. An example, is embed below. You might have to use two Google Stories in order to get the length you want. You will be led through how to do this in a video tutorial.

Some Things to Consider...

The Reflection is Important!

You will need to write a reflective piece on how you manipulated voice, diction, sentence structure, and perspective to show how the adult and the camper viewed the same incident. Be as specific as possible.

Placing your Google Story as an Assignment on Edmodo

Placing your google story on your weebly and then on Edmodo

Getting Started with Google Story