Counseling Connection

September 2015

Introducing...the Counseling Connection Newsletter!

The GHS Counseling Department will be issuing our "Counseling Connection" newsletter monthly to faculty and staff. The goal is to inform you of what programs we are implementing throughout the year and how we are supporting our school community.

August happenings

During the month of August, we worked together with curriculum and focused on ensuring students were in the correct placement. We met with students on a daily basis to address concerns regarding schedules as well as personal/social challenges and academic/post-secondary planning. Meeting the daily concerns of students is ongoing throughout the school year.

The Peer Leader and Peer Mentoring programs got off to a great start! Peer Leaders are in the process of training, which involves learning leadership skills and effective communication skills. Peer Mentors began working with 9th grade RAM Time and facilitated advisement lessons that they were previously trained in.

On August 31, Ms. Hawkins facilitated the first 9th Grade Parent Chat of the school year and experienced a great turnout! About 75 participants joined Ms. Hawkins to discuss how to foster a smooth transition to high school. 9th Grade Parent Chats are scheduled once a month for the entire school year.

Programs Beginning in September

As senior counselors are finishing reviewing all senior schedules, we will begin meeting with each senior to complete their Application for Graduation, also known as their Senior Letter, in which we will discuss their credits and post-secondary plans.Our county deadline to complete all Senior Letters is October 30; therefore, we will be sending for students frequently throughout the day. We appreciate your support as we begin this process.

As a department, one of our goals is to continue working diligently with retained students. We are in the process of implementing a program that will support and encourage students to set and implement goals in efforts to get back on track for graduation.

Advisement Theme

High School Success is September's advisement theme. Lessons will focus on graduation requirements, promotion criteria, and tips for success.

September Events

  • September 24 @ 6:30 PM: Senior Parent Night
  • September 21-October 1: Sophomore Classroom Guidance: Understanding your transcript/Preparing for the PSAT
  • September 28-October 2: Senior Classroom Guidance: Post-Secondary Planning
  • September 28 @ 6:00 PM: Freshman Parent Chat