Wilson Weekly

Week of April 9th, 2018

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Action Items

  • STAAR Reminders - It's a big week as we start our first round of testing on Tuesday. Please see below for important STAAR reminders (for testers and non-testers).
  • FedEx - Our next round of FedEx is Wednesday the 18th. Interested in leading a session? Email me, and I'll add you to the list!
  • Lost & Found - Please put a note in your newsletters letting parents know that the Lost & Found will soon be cleared out.
  • EOY Language Testing - Please be aware that Jennifer and Elisa will be conducting end-of-year language testing for all ESL and DLI learners. They will be tested individually from now through the end of May.
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*Important STAAR Info*

Reminders for test administrators:

  • Cooper and Mary will check rooms on Monday. Make sure instructional information that could provide answers is covered.
  • Please be sure you have your manual. #NoExtras
  • Make sure you have a place prepared for dictionaries (ratio of 1 to 5), blank paper, graph paper, and books for learners to read afterwards.
  • Make sure you remind learners of any strategies you want them to use on MONDAY. You will not be able to provide these reminders on testing days.
  • Small group testers--make sure you meet your learners and discuss designated supports they will have.
  • Remember to leave your cell phone/fitbit, etc. in your car or give it to Mary to keep in her office.
  • Pick up your tub between 7:15 and 7:45 each day.
  • Make sure no learners have water bottles or snacks, including peppermints, near their tests or answer documents at any time.
  • One learner at a time may leave to go to the restroom.
  • Make sure learners do NOT bubble any student information on the answer document. All necessary information is precoded.
  • You (after testing) or the learners (before testing) may complete the form number information on the answer document.

Reminders for K-3 staff:
  • K-3--Make sure your learners do not use the restroom between B and C halls. Also, if you go outside, steer clear of the end of A hall's window as well as B and C hall windows.
  • Please avoid going upstairs or near C hall. Walk through the front hall to go to lunch.

All Staff -

  • We will have a closed campus Tuesday and Wednesday. Please be sure that parents and volunteers know they will be unable to visit or come for lunch.
  • Dress - Feel free to wear jeans and a Wilson/CISD shirt on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Specials - There will be no Specials on Tuesday. The Gym will be open if you'd like to take your class for a break. For Wednesday - Kinder & 5th will trade Specials times, and Art will be in the Gym.
  • Recess - Please see below for times, and only use the small playground while testing is still going on.
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2018-2019 Projections

I wanted to give everyone a quick heads-up on class projections for next year. I've had the chance to speak with each grade level impacted, so now I'd like to update everyone.

We are currently projected to lose 1 section in each Kinder and 4th. All other grade levels are projected to remain the same. That will now put us at 4 sections for every grade level.

If you've been around for a few years, you know that these are projections. A lot can happen between now and the end of the year (or even during the summer for that matter). Michelle is keeping a close watch on numbers and will soon be sending out information to parents to learn if they will be returning next year.

If things change, I will be sure to update the impacted teams and then the campus as a whole!

"Reading Live" - Tier 2 Reading Intervention

We have a new reading intervention...Read Live (Read Naturally). This is mostly for Tier 2 but can be used for other learners (sped, dyslexia, etc.) as well. Several of you may have received a log-in if you currently have Tier 2 learners in need of fluency intervention. We will have a FedEx session on this intervention on Wed, April 18th. Anyone is invited, but if you have a learner on Tier 2 who needs fluency intervention, please plan to come.
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Editing Checklist Survey

Please take a few minutes to provide your input on the Editing Checklist from our ELAR Vertical Team.

Clarity Survey

Please click below for the nuts & bolts of the Clarity Survey. All survey responses are due by April 20th.

Early Bird Special - If you (and your class 3rd-5th) complete the survey by Tuesday the 17th, you will receive a special Early Bird Jeans Pass good for Wednesday the 18th. To participate, sign the sheet outside of Mary's Office once your survey is complete! If you don't have to complete the survey but still want to participate, simply reach out to a 3rd-5th class and help in administering the learner survey!

Have questions about the survey? Check with Amanda!

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Week At A Glance

  • STAAR Rooms Check
  • Kinder Collaborative Team Time
  • PTO Meeting - 6:30


  • 4th Writing / 5th Math STAAR - Closed Campus
  • No Specials
  • 3rd Grade Field Trip
  • Let us treat you to lunch for everyone's flexibility with STAAR!!!!
  • Robotics Summer Camp Planning Meeting - 3:30 - C101 - All welcome


  • 5th Reading STAAR - Closed Campus
  • Specials - Kinder & 5th trade times
  • No After School Meeting


  • 3rd Collaborative Team Time
  • Kinder Field Trip

Friday - PD Day - No school for students - We will be on campus all day and will complete the district-required Classroom Management Framework Course. Mary and Andi have worked hard to customize the course and allow for some work time for you throughout the day. Lunch will be on your own. We'll send more details later in the week.