AP/IB Psychology Updates

October 2015

Schedule for next week - Oct 19-23

Monday, Oct 19 Relaxation and meditation lab

Tuesday, Oct 20 States of Consciousness Test (chapter 8)

Wednesday, Oct 21 Dream analysis in class and test remediation

Thursday, Oct 22 Teacher absence, study guide work in class

Friday, Oct 23 Begin Sensation and Perception class lesson

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What have we been doing?

This week we have been working on states of consciousness. The discussion is about stages of sleep, dreams, sleepwalking, and tomorrow is virtual drug day. I hope that your students can take these concepts and apply them to real life. Some of the drugs change the brain forever after one exposure. Mostly, I just wanted you to know the subject for Friday in case there is talk about "doing drugs in psych class".

End of Grading Period Coming

Oct 23 is the end of the first grading period. I am going to update grades as soon as PowerSchool is back in operation. I would like you to check grades to see what your student is missing.

Reminder about the grading policy:

Students have 3 big point value assignments each unit: study guide, test, and remediation. The grades will not be impacted for turning in late but there is an "on time" grade that is either 10 points or 0 points. I spoke to the classes today about the importance of getting these assignments in even if they are late. Please conference with your student and have them ask me for help if they are unsure how to make up the work.

If PowerSchool is still not operational then I will construct a paper form for Monday that lets the kids hand compute their grade. It should show you what is missing so that you can help get them on track. Several of the students are 100% on time with each assignment.

Restesting Oct 19-21

I gave this speech today but wanted to have the parents also hear it as well.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday before and after school I will be holding retesting sessions for the Unit 2 test. The classes have completed the study guide, test, and remediation.

My experience thus far is that I have zero customers on the first two days of retesting and then a full house on the last time period. I also have several heart wrenching stories of why I need to extend the time period. Because of the end of grading period I will stop retesting opportunities on Wednesday afternoon. Thanks for your help in planning.