The 2008 & 2011 Part (L) Conundrum

or how to get your projects compliant without going mad!

2008 Part (L) is running out...

as stated in the 2011 Building Regulations, there is a transition period for dwellings which had Planning applied for prior to 1 Dec. 2011 and where 'substantial work has been completed by 30 November 2013' that they can still be constructed to the 2008 Building Regulations.

There is a short period of time now to incentivise clients who are delaying as the 2011 Building Regulations are that much more onerous again.

Even to the casual observer it is clear that it could be a very costly undertaking to start on site without considering the implications of Part (L) - the 10kW/m²/yr, the MPEPC & MPCPC etc.

2eva can assist you to ensure that any dwelling improvement or new build can be done so as to ensure compliance with either 2008 or 2011 Part (L).

We can provide you with a detailed report on what types & values of products including air tightness specification & levels, insulation, thermal bridging, heating systems etc. have to be incorporated into the overall construction.

The detailed report has a straightforward summary sheet to de-mystify the technical details for your clients so they can clearly understand their obligations through you for compliance.

If you would like to see a sample report or get a quotation for your project please contact us at or (059) 916 9121.

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We provide air leakage testing and consultancy, Part (L) compliance report and BERs amongst a suite of services.