Elements Of Fiction

Michaela Boltenhouse

Harry Potter


Person in story , poem , or play .

The main Person ( character ) is Harry Potter.


The time and place of a story or play.

Harry Potter books started in 1997 , and takes place at Hogwarts school of magic the very first book was The Sorcerers Stone.


Series of related events that make up a story or Drama.

In the book Harry's mom gets killed, and he lives with his aunt and uncle until Hagrid comes and takes him to Hogwarts where he meets his friends and his enemies.


Central idea of a work or literature.

The central idea of the story is Harry potter becoming a more powerful wizard throughout the years so that he would be able to defeat Voldamort.

Mood / Tone

A story's atmosphere or the feeling it evokes .

Attitude a writer takes toward a subject , a character , or the audience .

In the beginning of the book the writer makes you feel sorry for Harry

The attitude the writer takes toward Harry Potter is very strong.

Point of view

Vantage point from which a writer tells a story . In broad terms there are three possible points of view : omniscient , first person , and third person.

The story is told in third person.