Water changes

Our water is in trouble

What is water used for?

water is used in many different ways. We swim in it and drink it to stay alive. We use water to travel around and get goods from other countries.

How water has affected where people live

Many people tend to live around bodies of water for a variety of different reasons. They live there because they can use it to transport and they can use it for agriculture. People also may live around water so it's very easy to grow crops.

How water has affected people

Water affects people all around the earth. People are supposed to drink all the way up to two liters a day! Water does not just affect peoples health, it affects animals and our food source around the world.

How have the demands on our local water changed over te last 2000 years?

Over the last 2000 years, we have gone down lots of water. The population is growing and the water is going down very quick. The water is also becoming much more polluted.

How has water affected the enviornment

Most cities have made investments on recreational activities involving water. We use water to have fun like swimming pools and water slides. It affects many different things from recreational to health.

What might happen to our water in 20000 years?

As the years go on there are more people coming into this world which means more water will have to be used. I think in around 20000 or so we will have a low supply of water and it might be tough o find ways on how to get more

Water 200 years ago

Around 200 years ago, people used water for farms and to grow crops. They had a decent amount of water. They traveled around in their water source aswel as swim in it.

Different waters

There aren't just our fresh drinking water from lakes. There are salty water and ''scared water'' that the first nations believe in. There are over 5 of different types of water that may be filtered in the future to help the community have extra water.
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