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Yammer within our DEC network

Yammer is used for private communication within our DEC network

  1. Join today by clicking the Yammer link below
  2. Use your Tafe email account which is
  3. Click the link in your inbox and you will be automatically in

Comments from Yammerites

  • If you want an answer, and you want it NOW, then you have to be on Yammer; it's HelpDesk on steroids...
  • All round nice people working together to make everyone's job easier.
  • Yammer has some of the most enthusiastic, innovative, dedicated and helpful educators you could hope to meet.
  • Great to get ideas from! People in like situations can give you advice / tips...saves a lot of hard work and time!!!!
  • Great PL, great people and an amazing depth and breadth of knowledge that so many people are happy to share
  • Yammer is also about connecting to people of like mind... passionate educators (not all of them teachers by the way!)... now if we take that to its natural extension - finding people with common interests and passion is a great way to find friends... so yammer is a gift you give yourself! :)
  • It's the best teaching resource at the tip of your fingers. The quality of ideas and advice is exceptional. You can ask a question and all of these wonderful professionals are willing to share their knowledge all for a thank you :-)