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Timber Shutters

Timber Shutters

Prime Furnishings brings you the highest quality of timber shutters available in the local market as they go on to help you enhance the image of every room that they are placed in. Prime Timber Shutters do not just provide durability but also a sense of style. Best of all, Prime Furnishings allows its clients to modify the shutters in accordance to their preferences. This way the clients do not have to compromise on any of their requirements.

Controls: Prime Timber Shutters offer its clients two types of control systems to help better suit their day to day needs. These are namely;

· Centre Controls

· Offset Clear View Controls

Style:The styling aspect of the Prime Timber Shutters may be divided into two main categories. These being;

· Style in terms of product: This can be further divided into sub categories on the basis of the material utilized for the manufacture of the product. The three main styles offered by Prime Furnishings in this category include;

1. Basswood

2. Composite

3. PVC

· Style in terms of fitting: This can be further divided into sub categories on the basis of various fitting techniques that may be subjected to implementation to reproduce a given type of product. Prime Furnishings offers the following panel options to its clients to help them better meet their daily needs.

1. Hinged

2. Fixed

3. Sliding

4. Bi-folding

Prime Furnishings understand that its job does not just end with the sale of the product. But in fact it offers a three year warranty to its clients on the purchase of Prime Timber Shutters. The warranty not only covers damages to the product but also includes misuse, regular maintenance and manual handling of the product after purchase. As it works towards ensuring that its clients have the best possible experience.

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