Miss Tracey's Class

November 2014

Giving Thanks

November is always such an exciting month in our classroom. Thanksgiving is always one of the themes that we learn about, and we always try to make it about just that - giving thanks. It is an abstract concept for children to understand; however, we try to frame everything in terms that they can understand and to which they can relate such as being happy that we have families that love us, being happy that we have food to fill our bellies, being happy that we have books to read and toys with which to play, and being happy for blankets that keep us warm. We talk about how some boys and girls don't have warm blankets or jammies, food to fill their tummies, or books to read. Each year we come up with ways we might be able to help and plan a service project. As we get closer to that time, be on the lookout for information about what your children would like to do to help others and how they would like to make a difference in our world. In the meantime, below, is some information about a Brooks School school service project, to collect food for a local pantry.

Food Donations and Kona Ice

Next week is the Student Council Cans for Kona fundraiser. A flyer will be coming home next week. This is a simple canned/boxed food drive to benefit the Fall Creek Township Food Pantry. Every student who wishes to participate is invited to bring in 2 or more items. In turn, they will receive a Kona color-changing pencil. Also, the class who brings the most food items, at each grade level, will receive a Kona Day, during which each child will receive a Kona Ice cone.

Farm Fun

Many Thanks

Thank you for all of your support as my family and I headed to Guatemala for our mission trip last month. It was an incredibly powerful and humbling experience! I appreciated all the well wishes and understanding.

A big thanks, too, for all of our parent volunteers in October! We are so very grateful for all that you are doing to help our class - taking care of book orders, making playdoh, and helping out in the classroom. We appreciate it all! If you would like to volunteer, it's simple. Just head over to Volunteerspot, and sign up for a slot. We have plenty of opportunities to help!


The cold is upon us. Be sure to check the weather each day, so that your child may be dressed accordingly - especially the morning class. Sometimes, the forecasted high will be 55, but the morning temps may only be in the 30's. We go outside everyday, barring rain and temperatures below 15 degrees. Be sure that your child is bundled up with mittens/gloves, hats, winter coats, and boots (when snowy). We want to be sure everyone is warm enough.

Also, you may want to send in long pants and long sleeved shirts to switch out with your child's current spare clothes. It is getting awfully chilly to change into shorts and tank tops :)

Halloween and the Big Pumpkin

Survey Results

I realized that I had not shared the results of the Communication/Social Media Survey with you, in the October newsletter. If you are interested in seeing the results, just click on this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-QP2CWXKV/

Bottom line is that email and paper copies were at the top of the list in how you preferred to receive information. We will continue to use those methods throughout the year. Thank you, so much, for your participation!



The season of holiday celebrations is upon us. We are very interested in knowing and sharing the holidays that you celebrate and any special traditions that go along with them. We will be sending something your way soon, to gather information that the children can share with one another. We look forward to learning about your family's traditions and celebrations!