Beautiful Bonded Pair of Kitties

Looking for a Special Someone

Hello! We are Hera and Ares!

We came into BARCS animal shelter with two other cats that were both adopted soon after we got there. We were very scared at the shelter and did not understand why people kept looking in at us so we just hid under our blankets. After being there for a long time a nice lady heard about us and took us home with her. At first we were very scared here too but we would never hiss or growl, we just liked to hide in our own space. After a few days we decided this lady was ok and we have heard her say we have made an almost complete turnaround. We are not sure what that means but we think it is good. We hope that you will consider coming to meet us!! Our foster mom is going to write a little about both of us for you now:

Ares is a 9 month old black nuetered male. He is very sweet and loves to play. He also loves to roll around in your lap and have his belly rubbed. He could be the perfect cat!!

Hera is a 2 year old grey striped spayed female. Hera is very small, only weighing in at about 5.5 lbs. She likes to be pet but would rather not be held. She is nervous in new situations but opens up pretty quickly. She was a staff favorite at the animal shelter. Hera has a cube that she likes to sleep in and if she cannot be found she is usually in there.

The shelter is not sure if they are related but it is thought that they are mother and son. Since they have always been together I would like them to stay together but will consider all options as long as they both find loving homes.

If you would like to bring these two wonderful cats into your home please contact me at to set up a time for a meeting. Also BARCS is having an adoption special for the month of December so all adoption fees are waived!