Brain Cancer

What can we do to help?

What is Brain Cancer?

Brain Cancer is a disease that usually forms in the brain. It can also form in another part of the body and then transfer to the brain. It is formed by tumors that occur in the brain. It can occur at any age. It usually occurs at the age of sixty or above. It initiates in the brain tissue and then spreads. These three tumors make the Brain Cancer occur.



22,340 malignant tumors occurred in just 2011. 2.2 million people were diagnosed with Brain Cancer or brain tumors in 2014. These occurred in only the U.S. There is a 1% chance of every 1 in 150 males to get Brain Cancer and there is a 1% chance of every 1 in 185 women to get Brain Cancer.

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This flyer was made by a sixth grade student at MVCS as a part of a "Make A Change" project.