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I was born in Batesville, AR. My home life is simple. I have too many family members to list. My friends are Cheyenne, Gracie and Madi. My hobbies are animals I love animals. My interests are becoming a vet. My skills are that I have a way with animals. I'm not sure of what my weaknesses are. My Career goals are to become the worlds greatest vet.


Yes, I expected a low Self-Esteem because I don't think of my self highly.

I didn't think it should have been higher because I don't think of my self highly.

My results mean that I don't do well with rejection which is wrong btw.

I will think of my self highly more often.

If my Self-Esteem was higher I would be shocked.

If my Self-Esteem was higher I would think very highly of my self.

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On my Attitude score was 44 I know it wasn't the best but I dessigree. I'm not a negative thinker. The test said that I was a negative thinker, but I think that I'm a positive thinker. My results mean that I'm a negative thinker. I could improve by thinking positive 24/7.
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Career Aptitude

I didn't know what to expect on this test. There are not any jobs that I am interested in. I want to be a vet. I want to be a vet, because I love working with animals. I also want to go to a college called, cornell college of veterinary medicine. So I will have to work super duper hard to get there.

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Learning Style

My learning style was, Auditory: 30% Visual: 45% Tactile: 25%. I expected my results to be mostly Visual, The other 2 I don't know what they mean. Some characteristics of a Visual learner is that we mainly understand by people visually showing us what to do. My results mean that I need to experience the problem to be able to solve it.
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Personality Type

My personality is ESFJ. E stands for Extravert, S stands for Sensing, F stands for Feeling, and J is for Judging. Yes I agree with my results. Yes this is the way I learn best. I also think that learn the best when I have one on one teaching. I learn best with one on one teaching because there are no distractions, and because its just me and the teacher.
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Brain Orientation

My results were that I use both parts of my brain equally. I that that I would use the right side more that my left. Some characteristics of my type of brain dominance are Creativity, and strategy. My results mean that I have a creative mind. It also means that I have good strategy. Strategy is a good thing to have for my job option.
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Personality Color

My personality color was blue. Yes I Do you feel like this color most closely matches my personality. If not, I would think that Neon Orange would match the closest to my personality. It means that I belong to a blue color family. It also means that I'm a very comforting person. It also means that I have a 6th sense.
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career pathway results

1. What are your top career pathway results? Therapeutic Services, Personal Care Services, Diagnostics Servicies, Professional Services, and Counseling and Mental Health Services.

2. Did those match any of your interests? No

3. What are the career clusters of your top 5 career pathways? I only have one thing that I want to be and that is a veterinarian.

4. What are some job titles that fall into your top career pathway according to your results? Health Science, Human Services, Health Science, Human Services, and Edcuation and Training.

5. What is the description of the cluster that was your top result? (Blue shaded box)

People who work in Health Science work to keep people healthy by doing tests, giving care and medication, or sometimes doing surgery. This group includes jobs such as doctors, surgeons, nurses, mental health therapists, and physical therapists.

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