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100,000 within a turbocharged sedan compact car

Vehicle: Saab A150

Turbo Estimated price: about 90,000 yuan

As BAIC's a new compact car, Saab A150's "birth" has been affected by concerns of the industry. We get confirmed information from the Ministry of Industry to declare the site displayed. Toyota 2.0 turbocharger

We learned that Saab A150 will be unveiled on April of this year's Beijing auto show, under the Saab D series, or will be called the D50. The combination of access to information to see that the car will be powered by a pre-1.5L engine with 5-speed manual or a CVT continuously variable transmission, the starting price is expected to be around 70,000 yuan, the later will launch 1.5T dynamic version of the model.

Appearance, from the declaration of the figure can be seen, Saab A150 front air grille compared to previous models of media exposure has been significantly different, the new car's grille from the previous single-spoke instead of a propeller blade design. Originally appeared in front of the sharp lines of the body becomes more smooth, and face design on the front, we can see the production version uses a more compact grille design, along with the group dynamic headlight styling. Auris 2.0 turbocharger

Body size, length and breadth Beiqi Saab A150 respectively 4582mm / 1794mm / 1486mm, wheelbase 2650mm. New vehicle curb weight is 1270kg.

Power, a new car devaluation of Shenyang Mitsubishi 4A91A 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, the engine maximum power up to 83kW, and this is the engine with a five-speed manual transmission or a CVT transmission. According to previous information, the new car will be equipped with 1.5TGDI subsequent engine, the machine uses a turbocharger and direct injection technology, maximum power of 163 hp / 5800rpm, peak torque of 225N • m / 1750rpm.

Edit Comment: As a main push at Beijing car models, Saab A150 compared to the concept version was released, the production version in the shape tends to be more traditional. Future market performance, it is worth the wait.