By: Jeremiah Reddick


Ants work 19 hours day. Can you belive that? Well, for short that would be 0.58 of work. Ants can carry up to 100x their weight. That's like carrying 100 leafs on their back.

Watch out

Watch out for ant hills. They can hold about 2000 ants inside it. That's a lot of ants and you could get some scars.


Ants can work and sleep through out the day. Ants may work hours a day, but ants can sleep 5 hours a day.Ants don't have long naps though. They take maps! However, these naps only last 1 minute.


Ants have to work to get their food. They can go about six miles away from their hill to get the smallest pieces of food. These ants only eat part of the food because it is mainly for the queen ant. If ants couldn't carry 100x their weight, they probably would have to make their on food.


Ants are non-stop working animals. They eat, work, and sleep all day long.


As you can see, ants work very hard and can be very interesting.