Vista-Expansion Update

What's In Our Future??


As you know, this year, Vista was faced with several new challenges in entering a colocation relationship and expanding our enrollment by over 80 students. I am excited to share with you that for next year, our enrollment numbers will stay the same and we will not be expanding for a couple more years. The composition next year will be as follows (please know that some of the numbers are rough numbers give or take a few students).
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As of now, we have the same classroom designations at the K-2 site and will continue to utilize our extra rooms at 3-8 for resource, music/computer lab and art . All in all, the room assignments at both the K-2 site and 3-8 site will remain the same (barring some negotiations from certain teachers who may want to switch with one another).

Exciting News

More information about the future of our school is going to be communicated to the entire Vista/Church community at a meeting here at Vista on March 2 at 7pm. I will be able to give you more details in a few days but for now, I wanted to let you know that the news is great and involves a permanent, state-of-the-art building for our students. This information will not be public knowledge until March 2 so mum is the word for now.

What Does That Mean For Us Now?

This means that for next year, things will remain the same. We hope to find ourselves in a much stronger position knowing the ins-and-outs of co-location, not to mention having a solid, returning staff dedicated to our students (and a principal that promises not to bail at the beginning of the year for 9 weeks...sorry about that).
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At Vista, we have the unique opportunity to transform the lives of the students who enter our campus every day. It is your passion, drive and over-the-top dedication that makes our school the place that our families want to be. Thank you so much for all that you do and let's continue to make this school the BEST in this community! Let's help our baby eagles find their wings and SOAR!!