Would you like to go to Uruguay?

By: Chaeli Herzler

What would this place be like?

Uruguay is a country with an access to water. It has many different positives and negatives about the location, climate, political system. This is what you should understand by the end of this paragraph.

What about the location, climate, or politics?


Uruguay is a country that is on the South-Eastern coast of South America. It is bordered by Rio Grande Du Sul, Brazil, and the Uruguay river is to the west of the country. The capital of Uruguay is Montevideo. A fun fact is that Uruguay is about 68,000 square miles. Uruguay is one of the best places for South America, trading wise, because they have a big body of water for the country.


Uruguay is a country that has a very moderate climate throughout the year. The climate type is humid subtropical. The range of temperature for year round is between 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 81 degrees Fahrenheit. So it would always feel like either spring or summer. And Uruguay gets a lot of rain. Some reasons could be because it is right next to the Atlantic Ocean.


Uruguay has a presidential representative democratic republic. Which is a big sentence meaning they have a democracy much like the U.S.. And in this government type the people have a lot of freedom. They get to vote their representative, new laws, and if there are any changes needed for the government. The people have the freedom of speech, life, right to be plead innocent until found guilty, etc. So the Politics in Uruguay aren't much different than the U.S.'s as well.

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