Switch grass

By: Nick Williamson


Switch grass Is a native, perennial warm season grass used for forage, slow to establish and fast growing up to 2-6 ft. As with a lot of our native plants it was depleted from over usage, burning, and land clearing for farming. Renewed interest in this grass is on the rise again. This grass along with other plants is also being considered for fuel. Used as fresh forage, pelletized as supplemental feeds, and ground cover. Switch grass is excellent for renovation of wildlife habitats and supplying ground birds with insect habitats and ground cover and forage for other wildlife. It is used in naturalized plantings for erosion control, field dividers, conservation areas; most all wildlife habitats can use switch grass in small or larger areas. It grows in a variety of soils and temperatures and remains a refuge for animals even through heavy snows. Switch grasses can be used in landscaping area designs and comes in several color variations and is used in some flower arrangements.

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