Operation Restore Hope

Liz Meyer

Who was involved?

President Bush was the first one to send troops over to Somalia. Once Clinton became president, he reduced the amount of troops there, but still helped the country. The United Nations is who ran the entire thing. Mohammed Siad Barre was the leader of Somalia at the time.

What was Operation Restore Hope?

When clan violence in 1992 threatened international relief efforts in Somalia, a U.S.-led coalition was sent in to provide relief for the thousands of Somalis who were caught in the crossfire of a deadly civil war.
1993 - Somalia: Operation Restore Hope 250198-05

When and Where

It began on December 8, 1992 in Somalia and went into the year 1994.

How It Happened

The United Nations came together and decided to create Operation Restore Hope. They helped Somalia while another country was trying to over rule it.


It happened because Somalia was in trouble and the other countries felt it was their duty to help them out.
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