Staff Weekly Bulletin

~Week 35~May 16-20~

May Assessments

4/29: Math PT opens

K-5: May 16th- June 3rd

  • SRI
  • SMI
  • EDL
  • DRA

SIRA - May 23-June 3rd

SRI/SMI - testing begins May 2nd during Library time.

EDL/DRA testing window opens May 16, but we will have sub release effective May 2nd through June 2nd.

- sign ups for sub release time is located on the staff lounge door, please sign up at your earliest convenience. If you start now, you may have sign up for 2 slots. The sooner we secure the subs the better.


~Safe & Welcoming Environment~

PAST DUE: 3-5 Grade Student Voice Survey


We need your support to engage your students in a 10-15 minute survey. This survey will give us information on how to engage our students in school-wide activities, incentives, and leadership.

The Student Voice: School Climate & Culture is here for your reference. Students will have access to this link from the Manzanita SEED homepage.

Please ensure that all students have completed the survey by Friday, May 13th.

NEP Summer Retreat

We are looking for 6 interested teachers that would like to join the Operations team at a Summer Leadership Retreat from June 26-27 in Napa. Our hopes are that we can use this time to begin planning around our school priorities for the 16-17 SY. We will have the National Equity Project working & supporting us during these two days.

In better efforts to strengthen our work and collaboration for the upcoming year, we are looking for 6 teachers that are interested in joining us.

Here is some of the work that we will focus on:

  • Family & Community Engagement with a social conscious lens
  • Work time to co-construct school-wide multi-tiered discipline model
  • Reflect and strengthen relational trust among staff & community members
  • Co-construct systems that support engaging in healthy problem solving as a community.
  • Plan August 15-19 Differentiated PD week


PBIS: Tier 1 Assessment

Hello SEED Teachers,

Thank you for the opportunity to visit your classroom; here is a link to the Tier1 Classroom Observation Findings. The PBIS team will be discussing this information in the upcoming meeting and identify supports/structures to strengthen for the 16-17 SY.

Christina Gillen, PBIS Coach

May Character Development


Month-long Focus: Reflect on the Year

Learning Target:

I can reflect on how respectful, collaborative, honest, compassionate, responsible, and perseverant I have been this year.

I can appreciate my crew members for helping me this year.

End-of-Year Reflections forms can be found through this link.


Community Assembly/Crew

Community Assembly: GROUP B

Tapia & Vidal

Goodie & Parchia
Brown & Queznel

Ferrus-Garcia A & Davis

Hudson A & Garcia-Pena A


Udovic & Perrone
Saleski & Cato
Pastrana & Nunez


Gudiol A & Zucker A



Parent Notification Letters (PNL) for ELLs

The annual Parent Notification Letters will be sent out to all English Learner families. They have been placed in your box clearly labeled which students need these forms. We will hold a Gogurt Party for ALL classes that return 100% of them by Friday, May 20.

We recognize that this may be a challenge therefore, we also ask that you encourage your ELL families that show up to EXPO to sign the form then. We will hold a Gogurt Party for ALL classes that return 100% by 5/26 too.

Save the Date! Elementary Language and Literacy Summer PD Schedule

Please see the following link for more information.

Full Announcement

Contact Julie bennett, Elementary Language and Literacy Coordinator,

Past Due: MAY CAL200

May CAL200 PE Minutes report are due May 15th

A hard copy of the PE Minutes report can be found in the staff sign-in tablet in the front office. You can also submit your report via the below link.

Please click on the link below to take you to the PE Minutes Teacher Report.

Teachers: PE Minutes Report


Expo Info

Greetings Staff,

Please submit your expedition grade level theme and the names of two grade level representatives to Nancy by Monday, May 23rd.

Library Books

  • Last check out for my Tuesday & Wednesday classes will be this week during there library time.
  • For those Friday classes you will come Friday the 20th and pick up a free book.
  • The book fair will be up & running so that your students can do a walk through.
  • Those Tuesday and Wed. classes will come the week of the 23rd at there regular time and get a free book and do a book fair walk through.

I will have list of kids that have past due books or lost books as well, so your help if you see their parents at expo. I greatly appreciated your support.

If you have any questions let me know!


Report Card Window

Some important dates to keep in mind:

  • 5/1/16--Illuminate DL report card window opens
  • 5/9/16--Aeries report card window opens
  • 6/15/16--Aeries report card window closes: last chance for changes
  • 6/19/16--DL report card window in Illuminate closes: last chance for change


Monday, May 16th

STIP sub & yard supervisor interviews.

3:00-4:00 PM
PBIS Meeting

Tuesday, May 17th

8:00-12:00 PM
Beatrice & Emily at school site visit for potential teacher candidate

1:00-3:00 PM

SEED Strings Concert(s)

Wednesday, 18th

Wednesday PD

1:45-2:45 PM - Vertical DL Meeting presented by Emily, Dale, & Beatrice

2:45-3:30 PM - Expo Prep

Location: P7

3:30-4:30 PM

Personnel Committee Meeting conducting interviews - tentative

5:00-6:00 PM

Staff & Wellness Grant Writing Meeting

Thursday, May 19th

8:00-3:00 PM

Beatrice @ all day PD

5-6 PM

Los Amigos de Manzanita SEED 501(c)(3) meeting

Friday, May 20th

Make up prep time due to holiday (May 27th)!

Make up prep time for Monday, May 30 - TBD


9:00 AM - Juan Carlos Rivera

9:40 AM - Jaya Nichols

11:00 AM - Carlos Maciel

11:30 AM - Geovanny Portillo

2:00-4:30 PM
Beatrice @ Principal Advisory Committee (PAC)

What's coming up?

5/23 - 504 Meetings, Prescott Circus Performance

5/23-5/27 - Book Fair

5/24 - FC Meeting

5/25 - Expo

5/27 & 5/30 - Holiday