Lewis & Clark - Westward Expansion

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Lewis & Clark's Journey

"One ship stopped to trade with the Indians during the Corps time on the west coast."

The Indians didn't tell anything to Lewis and Clark about it, but if Lewis and Clark did tell them, then they could of got more information with those goods from the Indians.

Indians about to trade with them.

"Lewis and his colleagues knew the Marias was blackfeet Indian territory and was known, dangerous."

They thought they were friendly and decided to camp with them but they were wrong, they weren't friendly because the Indians took a pair of rifles and then took half of their horses.

"The spring rains came and it was time to move on"

If Lewis and Clark didn't move on then they would have lost supplies but they moved to go to a spot that wasn't spring rains.

"Lewis and Clark wrote what they saw of the winter"

They decided to write what they saw so when they come back the people will see how it was over there.

The Corps of Discovery

"Thomas Jefferson handed down to Lewis to record (take notes) what Lewis see, of what animals and plants there were."

Thomas Jefferson picked Lewis so that all the information he got to give on what animals do and what kind of plants there are and what they captured.

"Their journals provide a view of nature that is remarkable."

The importance of it is the view so that the people would know or think how it is there.

Charbonneau (Corps of Disc.)

"As common in such cases her labour was tedious and the pain violet."

They rely on her because of her translator with the Shoshone, so Lewis concerned about giving birth.