Updates from the West

News for the Week of October 22

Week's Events

Red Ribbon Week - Reach for the Stars
Book Fair

Rummel Out
Wear Red, White and Blue (Go for the Gold - Be an Olympic Star)
Bus Driver Appreciation Day
Conferences (3-7 pm)
8:10 - Red Ribbon Assembly (appox. 20 minutes, lunch counts can be finished after the assembly)
3:15 - IEP (Brand, Bertram, Render, Rummel, Payne, Higgins)
3:35 - IEP (Litwiller, Bertram, Render, Rummel, Payne, Higgins)
5:45 - IEP (Wrage, Bertram)

Wish Upon a Star (Students will place their wish and coins in the wishing well.)
10:15 - AM PK to the Wishing Well
12:30 - 1:30 - All other classes to the Wishing Well at a time that works for your class. Should take 5 minutes. All proceeds to to the Make a Wish Foundation.
Conferences (3-7 pm)
3:00 - Problem Solving (Brand, Nesby, Higgins, Rummel)

Be a Star, Walk the Red Carpet - Students dress like a movie star.
Red Ribbon drawings during lunch.
Fall Fund Raiser Items Delivered (Items will not be sent home on the bus.)
2:20 - Problem Solving (Graber, Rummel, Higgins, Nesby, Yarcho)

Be a Rock Star - Students dress like a rock star.
8:45 - Board buses (9:00 Armington Parade, 9:30 Hopedale Parade)
1:00 - Time on Task (Graber)
2:00 - Skyward Training (Lessen)
6:00 - 9:00 - Red Ribbon Rally; Open to the Public

No School

November 2 - OFFE Grant Applications Due
November 4 - Day Light Savings
November 6 - PTO (Volunteers Needed)
November 7 - First Grade Field Trip
November 7 - Third Grade CC Meeting (West)
November 8 - Fourth Grade CC Meeting (North)
November 8 - SILT Meeting
November 9 - Fifth Grade CC Meeting (South)
November 9 - Safety Patrol Field Trip (Swimming OHMS)
November 12 - Board of Education Meeting
November 13 - Faculty Meeting
November 13 - Community Claus Dinner/Family Reading Night

In Other News....

Making progress towards district goals...

  • Kiwanis has once again graciously offered to support our students in need. As the weather turns cold, please let Nicole know if you notice a child in need of a heavy coat, gloves, hat, boots, etc. Nicole will then make contact with the parent and Kiwanis. (District Goal 4, Community Partnerships)
  • Tax ID info from the auditor - If you need a tax exempt form to purchase items for the school, you can check one out from Audra. The form will need to be returned to Audra after you make the purchase. Please know that we are not able to reimburse for tax should you decide to not use the form.
  • Spend, spend, spend, and turn in your receipts. Many of you are purchasing science materials and common core materials. Don't forget to submit your receipts. All funds must be spent by February.
  • Check out the possible math/reading resources on my door. They are affordable. Since implementing the Common Core, some of you have expressed a disinterest in your current consumable. This may be another option. (District Goal 1, Student Achievement)

Calling in Sick?

Mr. Dale - ext. 6257
Dr. Rummel - ext. 6010 cell: 309-846-2139 home: 309-963-4263