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Edition: March 2016

Current topics

  • Key findings

  • Company activities

  • Health service provider activities

  • Investments/Exits

  • Regulation/Reimbursement/Grant opportunities

  • Publications recommendations

  • Key events

Key findings

  • The industry increasingly turns to data and analytics to address healthcare costs. As a consequence, private equity investments in health IT, originally centered on EHR systems, now focus more on systems that analyze data and a whole range of other data oriented applications.
  • Tech giants are increasing collaboration with Pharma,and medtech companies.
  • Pharma and insurance companies increase investment in startups.

Company activities in Pharma, Medtech, Insurance, Telecom & Consumer Health

Data analytics/Artificial intelligence:

  • Google’s DeepMind Technologies Ltd., an artificial intelligence company, seeks to apply its expertise to health care. The company has teamed up with the Imperial College London and the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust through an endeavor called DeepMind Health.

  • Tiatros has joined the IBM Watson Ecosystem, enabling the development by Tiatros of new cognitive computing applications to help transform chronic disease care with secure, social networks, and predictive natural language analytics.

Indications: Genetics/Oncology

  • QIAGEN announced enhanced Clinical insight and decision support system in oncology labs
  • Molecular Health expands its Engineus™ platform to healthcare decision support products in oncology domain
  • HealthHelp offers a clinical decision support system that allows providers to self-govern the ordering process and receive approval for decisions


  • UnitedHealth & Qualcomm are set to launch "United Health motion" program
  • Philips unveiled 24/7 mobile medical alert service Philips lifeline "GoSafe"
  • Novartis signed deals with Cigna and Aetna for heart failure drug "Entresto"
  • Philips Respironics receives FDA501(k) Clearance to its clinical management solution
  • Philips and Monica Healthcare collabote on "fetal monitoring solution"
  • Novartis and Qualcomm life to develop connected inhaler for COPD patients

Health service provider activities

  • The free SleepHealth app, developed by the American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA) and IBM, is part of the first ResearchKit study to run on IBM's Watson Health Cloud. It will collect data on sleep quality and daytime activities, health and medical conditions and productivity and alertness.

  • A team of physicians and analysts at Memorial Sloan Kettering has been “training” IBM Watson for more than a year to develop a tool that can help medical professionals choose the best treatment plans for individual cancer patients.

  • Manipal Hospitals' corporate and teaching facilities will adopt Watson for Oncology


  • IBM announced to buy Truven Health Analytics, a provider of cloud-based health care data, for $2.6 billion, the company’s fourth major health-related acquisition since launching the Watson Health unit in April 2015
  • Roche invested $175 million in Genome sequencing Big data firm Foundation medicine
  • Qualcomm and GSK launch Medical device Joint venture worth $1 Billion
  • AXA Strategic Ventures (ASV) invests in Medlanes Berlin (Est.amount €3 million)
  • MaaT Pharma receives €10 million series A funding for clinical trails support.
  • Medgenome receives $20 Million series B funding from Sequoia Capital
  • Philips, EDBI singapore to create a new venture arm (SGD 50 million)
  • Tencent invests $90 Million series C funding in Practo
  • ASICS has acquired Fitnesskeeper for $85 million

Regulation/Reimbursement/Grant opportunities

  • EU working group aims to draft guidelines to improve mHealth apps data quality
  • Collecting European digital health data by Non-EU companies will be illegal ( EU-GDPR)
  • EU GDPR drafts policy to regulate the sharing of health data from wearable medical devices

  • US FDA is set to propose to new guidelines in April for access of EHR

  • Recent grant opportunities in Europe and globally:

Publications recommendations

This month topic: Data analytics in Oncology

  • Standardized data collection to build prediction models in oncology: A prototype for rectal cancer: The review adresses the challenge of personalized oncology considering the complexity of tumor heterogeneity, clinical outcome,and treatment toxicity. It analyzes the current possibilities of data-mining processes and machine-learning approaches and introduces the concept of an umbrella protocol.

  • Translating Cancer Genomes and Transcriptomes for Precision Oncology: This paper bases on the comprehensive view of an individual patient’s cancer the genome and transcriptome together can provide.The authors discuss several opportunities for translating this basic science knowledge into clinical practice, including a molecular classification of cancer, heritable risk of cancer, eligibility for targeted therapies, and the development of innovative, genomic-based clinical trials. Especially the summary points in table 2 gives a comprehensive overview of the challenges for Data analytics, especially semantic technologies, from the perspective of an oncologist. It makes obvious, that translating the cancer genome and transcriptome for patients will require continued multidisciplinary collaboration between oncologists, pathologists, basic scientists, and computational biologists.

  • The Future of Molecular Medicine : Biomarkers, BATTLEs, and Big Data: The good structured article shows, that innovative practice of medicine requires, besides other new techniques, also molecular testing and utilization of information obtained from big data. Very helpful is the overview on selected umbrella and Master Trials.
  • Open Access to Large Scale Datasets Is Needed to Translate Knowledge of Cancer Heterogeneity into Better Patient Outcomes: The author of this short article shows with concrete examples, what kind of IT infrastructure is needed to enable sharing of the Omics and clinical data with a large community of cancer researchers and data scientists.

Key events (Expert Meetings, Conferences and Summits):




  • May 5: MM&M Transforming Healthcare Conference in New York

  • May 8-11: Health Datapalooza in Washington

  • May 10-12: Health 2.0 Europe 2016 in Barcelona

  • May 14-17: ATA 2016 in Minneapolis

  • May 17-20: Four Day Syte Digital Health Conference at Hospitalar in Sao Paulo


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