The Bear Necessities

May 10, 2016

Please Welcome

Jill Boswell in Rychlewski's STARS room!! She will also be joining us for ESY!


I am finalizing class lists and will publish these and more info about ESY very soon!!

Changes for 16-17

I wanted to get all of the changes I know of down for next year:

Mandy Fairbanks, LPN will transfer to LFE, as we will not have a student needing her services. It has been great getting to know Mandy this spring.

Lila Raymond is really retiring from ECSE and will only be subbing. Her position as ECSE Itinerant Teacher is posted. Please let any candidates you feel would be a good choice know about the position and let me know who they are. Big shoes to fill!!

Michelle Myers is moving on to her next chapter, her position is posted. Has it really only been two years, great work has taken place. Please let any candidates you feel would be a good choice know about the position and let me know who they are.

Alicia Stremick is setting out on her family dream, we wish her well, but again, such amazing work has taken place. Please let any candidates know that this position is posted.

Amy Hachinsky will be part time STARS and part time ECSE blended next year. Two of the STARS paraprofessionals will be absorbed into other classrooms for the half of the day she is blended. Let's show Amy and these great paraprofessionals some love and support, her planning and learning curve just grew. Great opportunity, let's make sure we support!!

We have asked that Title Only classroom students provide their own transportation, a cost of over 200,000 for 3 classrooms of students. We are currently the only district that has been approved to use title funds to pay for preschool transportation. I know that the gig is up soon, so I would rather be proactive and have a plan for this than to find out in October that we weren't approved to transport these students. This Title money would then be spent on Parent Educators, as additional classrooms are not a possibility as of now. This is pending approval, no date given as to when a decision becomes final, but I would guess June.

Committee assignments are changing significantly, very excited for a new approach next year!!

More to come, but this is a start to all the info!!


Our families are now enrolling online. Our new families will continue to attend an orientation, where they learn about our programs, including what they can expect from us and what we expect from them. We will also continue to have a time for families to come in July, where they will find out who their teacher is, pick up a handbook, get their bus release card, etc. Still a work in progress for sure!!

Enrollment Day July 14, 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM

We will host our day for families to come to school to:

Confirm transportation

If no changes to transportation, provide family with location/session/teacher

Get bus release card or car rider pick up card

Pick up/Sign for Parent Handbook

Sign "Parent/School Compact"

Get School Supplies List

Bus Release Card

Next year, in order to get kids off of the bus, families will need to have a bus release card on their person to take the child off the bus. This will be a LARGE change!! We are discussing this with parents at orientation. Our first orientation is May 5th.

Contracts and Pay Summaries

When you receive your contract or pay summary this envelope includes a calendar, PLEASE keep your calendar in a handy location. We have 14 different calendars for employees in this building, I need for you to access your calendar to find out when you work.

If you are a person who has a "individualized calendar", please make Lori and I a copy of your calendar when it comes to you.

Shade Structure and Concrete are coming....

The shade structure for the little playground will be installed at some point within the next year. Our patch of "ground cover aka weeds" over at the bus loading area should be taken care of this summer, it was on the list for last summer, but did not get completed....this will allow us to load more buses at the same time without tromping through the "ground cover".

Also, Parks and Recreation plans to repave the parking lot this summer. When this happens, I have asked for a cross walk for our patrons and for lines for our car riders.

A+ opportunities at ESY

Please spread the word that we are accepting students for ESY A+. June 6-30, Monday-Thursday, 7:45-11:15. Students would need to sign up through their A+ high school office.

Board Meeting in May

At the Board of Education Meeting, we will present a written report highlighting the good work done by all of our early education programs. We will also submit our ESY plan and student handbook for approval.

Trailridge Super Hero Group Pic.....

Big image

Amphitheater is soon to open....

I've included a link below to see what events are coming soon. They are also looking for a "Staff" to work the events at the theater, they would make about $8.50 an hour. I toured the new facility with Jodi Bell from Parks and Recreation. and I might have done the happy dance regarding the 150 new parking spaces available, so exciting!!