January Comes to An End


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Should There Be Zoos? by Zirui

Have you ever wondered about whether a zoo is a good place or a bad place? This week we started reading a book called Should There Be Zoos? It talked about the good parts and the bad parts about zoos. A good example is zoos can help endangered animals and save them from dangers in the wild. But there are also people arguing that zoos can be harmful to animals. They said that in some zoos conditions and not very good and animals are not treated very well. That will cause them to have a disease called zoochosis. It is a very interesting book because it is about two sides arguing about whether or not there should be zoos. Maybe you should think about that question.

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Space - Our Next Science Unit by Gage

On Wednesday, we started a new Science unit on space. We began by finding cool facts on outer space. I wanted to know all about neutron stars. I looked up a cool fact online which is about neutron stars, then I put it on a Google Slide. The fact said that, “Neutron stars can spin at a rate 0f 600 rotations per second.” Ms. Barnett will be printing all our slides and putting them around the Science classroom. I am sure this will make our room look like outer space.

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Space Project by Jack

I am so excited to share my computer project. I worked really hard on researching outer space. I found out cool facts to put on the slides and I made up my own planet “Amstriodis”. I hope you enjoyed viewing my presentation because I really liked making it.

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Our Mission to Space by Michael

In science we are on a new and exciting adventure to SPACE… I am very excited about this new unit.


One million earths can fit inside the sun.

The sun is the center of our solar system.

The sun makes up 99.8% of the entire mass of the whole solar system.
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Ancient China by Christian

In social studies we are learning about ancient China and how things they invented affected their economy. For example, steel replaced cast iron because it was stronger and affected its economy because people wanted a strong metal.

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Should There Be Zoos? by Ben

We are deciding if zoos are a good or bad thing. We are reading about this issue! We are watching videos. It will be hard to decide.
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Space by John

This week in science we are starting a new unit on space. I have learned that Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System.The colorful bands of Jupiter are arranged in dark belts and light zones created by strong east-west winds in the planet's upper atmosphere traveling more than 400 mph.

Art by Hailey and Monserrat

Look for our math ART projects next week. We are still working on them. We are trying to make sure that they look great!!